The mission of the Point Loma Opera Theatre is to share. We wish to share with the students of Point Loma Nazarene University, and all others interested, opportunities in which they are encouraged to share their gifts and talents relating to the field of opera, whether these gifts lie in management, performing, directing, designing, etc. We wish to share with each other in the challenges and rewards that come through working together to see our artistic dreams realized. Most of all, we strive to share with our campus and community the beauty and power of opera as an art form by producing high-quality productions, going to schools for educational outreach, and singing in the community wherever we are welcome.


The goal of PLOT is to promote opera in the community and to provide needed opportunities for developing singers, directors, conductors, and instrumentalists with experience performing timeless music of cultural and historical significance.


PLOT is a group of students dedicated to the promotion, performance, and perfection of opera within its ranks and the community. In Spring 2009, the students of Point Loma Nazarene University discovered that there was no budget for an opera production and the seed of a student-produced opera took root. Soon afterward, a group of motivated and talented PLNU students brought the vision to life and Point Loma Opera Theatre was born.